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Hi, my name is Keith Lau - LinkedIn Influencer with 120K+ Followers!

I will share with you the secrets that only 1% of people know...
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My 5-Step Winning Formula that helps me, increased my followers from 12K to 83K+ in 2020, generated new & quality leads in 5 minutes (i.e. received more than 300 messages daily), and bringing in 6-figures USD as a side income, passively, in less than 1 year, by just using LinkedIn organically without sending inMails, Advertising, and Never Had to Hard Sell Anything Again!!

Have you thought of Personalized Services from LinkedIn Influencer?

LinkedIn has changed my life and I hope you can have that kind of impact as well! Because if I can do it, you can do it too, or even better than me! Since applied my 5-Step Secret Formula in Jan 2020, I've helped thousands of people every month. I'm able to maxed out of 30,000 connections in only 2.5 months. Also, my posts have more than 8.3 million views on Aug 2020, and 10.4 million views on Sep 2020. I've been invited to speak at a lot of organizations too. So I want to help you to achieve the similar results if you are looking for...

  • I want to build my personal brand but have no idea where to start

  • I want prospects or recruiters to approach me instead of me to approach them

  • I'm trying to figure out a way to reach more people organically but failing to do so

  • I want to get top quality leads without spending a dollar in FB or LinkedIn ads

  • I want to generate more leads for my business but I don't have responses from my inMails

  • I understand LinkedIn is a place to network and do business but I don't know how to get started

  • I'm convinced that I need to leverage the power of LinkedIn but don't know where to learn

Your Branding matters...

You will need to achieve your "ALL-Star" LinkedIn profile that people come to you & stand out from your competition. The old way of selling, such as adding more people, sending more messages (sequences), etc... DOES NOT WORK anymore!!


Let Me Scan and Audit Your Profile...

Provide at least 5 suggestions and recommendations...

Record a personalized video (around 30 mins Long) just for you!

What You Will Get...

(Total Value Worth - USD252)

2 Hour of LinkedIn Training

- How to use LinkedIn and have 5 Essential Ideas for your Marketing & Getting More Sales that you can ethically steal from me!

(Worth: USD 97)


Record a Video (normally 30 mins long) for You

- Go through your LinkedIn profile, spot out the issues and provide at least 5 suggestions and recommendations for you!

(Worth: USD 97)


LinkedIn Profile Template

- Done for you Headline and About section so that you can stand out from the crowd and have a Perfect Profile summary!

(Worth: USD 29)


eBook - LinkedIn Professional Branding Playbook

- Stay Informed about How to Create A Winning Profile, Establish Your Network as well as Build Your Brand on LinkedIn!

(Worth: USD 29)


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Personalized Video

The video will be stored in our Google Drive and be ready in just a few days only.

Profile Template

We will provide suggestions and recommendations that help your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Training

Enjoy My LinkedIn Training to learn everything you need

LinkedIn eBook

LinkedIn Professional Branding Playbook for your reference

Review Your FULL Profile!

Apart from your LinkedIn Profile, I can also Review your CV, Cover Letter, etc... professionally. Click below to learn more!

What Customers Say...

Keith is a dynamic mentor, who gave away tons of insights and inspiration in a short span. Glad to find him amid these bunch of inspiring LinkedIn profiles. Keep up the great job, Keith.


Subathra P.


Even through a quick assessment, he was extremely efficient to identify priorities and to provide personalized advices in response to my needs. Considering his friendly and heartening temper, I strongly recommend him.

Francesco B.


Keith is attentive and insightful to the matters I raised to him. He provides constructive feedback and pragmatic solutions to address the issues. Definitely you can count on him.


Jerad T.


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You need to Stand Out from the Crowd.

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First of all, LinkedIn is NOT ONLY for people who are looking for jobs! LinkedIn is the Top No. 4 Social Media Platform and No. 1 B2B Channel where 80% of leads coming from. A lot of people (including 79% of marketers) said they are using LinkedIn but unfortunately they don't know our Secrets... Also, many marketing gurus tried to teach you how to generate leads from LinkedIn but most of them only have less than 10,000 followers on LinkedIn.


Do you want to keep adding connections, send them cold messages and begging them to reply to you??

Do you think the Old Ways Still Works Nowadays?? Or...


Perhaps you want to find a better job, so you need to attract Companies / HR / Recruiters to come to you...
Perhaps you want to find more customers, so you need to market yourself to attract more potential clients...

However... What is your current LinkedIn activities looks like?? Do you want to have some improvement??


I will only work with committed people, focus to help you to achieve your "ALL-Star" profile and Personal Brand!

I will share my knowledge and everything I know to help you succeed. It will NEVER be such as a Program like this!


The way you position yourself on LinkedIn is Critical to your success. Not only you need an All-Star Profile, but you need to optimize your LinkedIn profile. You need to know how to market yourself. It’s difficult and tedious task but definitely is crucial to your success and you can’t afford to make any mistakes. Your potential clients and 95% of Recruiters are on LinkedIn, and don't forget there are thousands of people with profiles similar to yours! Agree??


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If I can do it, you can do it too... or even better~

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If I can do it, you can do it too... or even better~